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Looking for capital and investors for sound infrastructure or manufacturing projects?


Are you an investor looking for ways to increase your portfolio and profits?


We consider project financing a possibility for finding investors and/or projects for short, medium or long engineering contracts that require a non-recourse or limited recourse personal investment with a pre-determined financial benefit. The opportunities we consider are secured by agreements between manufacturers and their clients.


Currently, we have several projects in need of investors. Also, we continuously search for global engineering projects, within our area of expertise, in need of financing. The possibility to partake and follow an awarded and budgeted project with expenditures already approved is an existing way to diversify an investor’s portfolio and at the same time help companies with their cash-flow needs.  


Project benchmarks can be followed easily and the financial benefits tracked as the project progresses. Once the project is completed, the investor receives the pre-determined financial benefits and the financing is closed allowing for participation in new projects. 

Our Project Financing arrangement is an easy way for us to bring investors and projects together for their mutual benefit.

If you are looking to invest or you need an investor for your project

please contact us so we can solve and facilitate your financial desires!!


Finance-Pro, part of the Ra In Ho Group, has developed a criteria-based marker system that is easy and effective in evaluating a wide range of different engineering projects with potentially great investment returns. Only financially true, financially sound, and prudent projects from reputable companies are evaluated. This ensures that our recommendations make financial sense. Then after finding projects that are on-going and have approved budgets, clients can invest in participations (a new financial instrument) that can generate timely dividends. 

The minimum investment is USD 1 000.- (there is no maximum depending on the project overall budget). Investments can be made directly into our company’s website using PayPal or similar platforms. The initial investment amount can be withdrawn at any time after 6 months and partial dividends can be recovered. Once the project has been finalized and full payment received then the initial investment will be returned with its appropriate dividends. Project Investments can be made at any time during the life cycle of the project. 


Our Mission


  • Finance-Pro's mission is to become the premier financial service organization that makes investments in companies for real and specific engineering projects.

  • Finance-Pro, through comprehensive logical and verifiable research based on the appropriate marker criteria, will be able to identify sound projects and offer them to the general public.

Our Goals

  • Become the best 'real project' investment avenue for investors.

  • Attract more people into investing based on the 'real engineering projects' of the prospective companies through crowdfunding and similar offerings. Thus, securing funds for the project as well as share profits with investors.

  • Continue to drive down the costs associated with investment by individuals by offering direct access to participation in engineering, infrastructure or transportation projects.

Finance-Pro’s Keys to Success

  • Develop workable, accurate profit markers for a wide range of individual engineering projects from sponsored client companies.

  • Secure high-quality financial performance investment research about contracted engineering projects. 

  • Create a unique data system that saves time and money to investors.

  • Create a new way of making financing profit for investors in projects or companies that are willing to offer participation in their projects.

  • Price the service so that there is a good profit margin while remaining competitive.


For further information please email us at :

Investment Comparison

Overview of different types of investments



Project financing by Finance-Pro is manageable and has a very low risk as compared to other forms of investment with comparable yields of return. Your investment will not include any buying, selling, or hidden fees.

Availability: + medium / long-term rate of return: ++ high risk: minimal +++




The capital of a company is divided into shares. Each share forms a unit of ownership and is offered for sale to raise capital for the company. Shares earn their holders dividends, which are fixed. Additional charges apply usually when buying or selling shares.

Availability: + medium return: ++ high risk: - increased


Cash Deposits

A cash deposit account yields a fixed interest to its holder. In a cash deposit, the funds are made available to the depositor almost immediately, after the transaction has been completed. The interest rate is calculated daily and it is slightly higher than a savings account.

Availability: +++ shortly return: --- minimal risk: minimal +++




For further information please email us at

Finance pro


We are the answer in your search for reputable investment opportunities!

Do you want to invest?

Do you want to achieve real profits?

Do you want to find a way to safely increase your capital?

Do you want to find a partner with a positive reputation in the market you can trust?

If the answer to these questions is a resounding YES then, your capital is in good hands with us!

What distinguishes us from others in the market?

We are a modern organization that consists of entrepreneurs, financial experts, and engineers who are competent, reliable, safe, and trustworthy.

We offer projects with manageable technical dimensions. 


We always put our cards on the table.


Our partners are innovative companies who are using our platform exclusively to improve their cash flow. 

Our partners are also owners of Finance-Pro.

For us, security means to deal only with financial sustainable and stable projects.

For us, mutual trust is a must!


We exclusively invest your capital in handpicked and technically innovative projects. The selected projects are conducted by market leaders and are assessed in advance by our qualified professionals and engineers.

We promise realistic returns bound by the realities of the market. Investments of USD 1 000.- to 10 000 000.- are common for us.

We charge our expenses to the project operator and no fees or hidden charges of any kind are passed to our investors.

Once a project financing is completed, we remove the project advertisement from our website. We will continue to inform you about the current status of your project(s) every 3 months through our project information letter.


Do you have a project in need of financing?

If you are a reputable manufacturing company with a project in the field of machinery manufacturing that is looking for investors and your project is secured by a contract and has fixed manufacturing and delivery schedules in need of extra financing, contact us with details of your project immediately. 


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