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Mono Rail Transporter


Caisson Transporter

1. Safety lifting LUG for easy lifting and re-positioning

2. Integrated high-pressure hydraulic piping with quick couplers

3. Powerful hydraulic motor for driving with maximum safety and ease

4. Compact design for ultra heavy loads at limited space

5. With an elastic head for the protection of the most valuable load

6. Mono steel wheel to distribute the load equally to the rail

The MRT can be operated by wire and/or wireless remote control system. All operations are controlled on the remote control system at once and individual controls are possible in the control panel at the engine side. The operator can operate and control a single unit as well as multiple units. Our basic remote control system is designed to control up to 150 MRTs.

  • In each hydraulic group, MRTs are only connected by one(1) hydraulic hose.

  • The hydraulic hoses are fitted with the automatic closing flat-face couplings(quick couplers). These couplings are connected with the coupling pieces on the hydraulic blocks in MRTs. The pressure-free mode can make coupling possible without any problems  related to the leakage of oil.

  • Couplings can be connected easily and efficiently thus shortening the coupling time.

  • While operating on a straight fixed ground, the process of hydraulic grouping is not required in our system, allowing for even faster arrangement of the equipment under the Caisson or loads.



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