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A TITAN SHIPLIFT SYSTEM mainly consists of:

  • Platform 

  • Winches

  • Autonomous Power Packs

  • Control System

A shiplift system could be considered a large elevator for ship docking used to raise and lower ships of any size and weight. Many companies have built them throughout history by utilizing different techniques, with more or less success, a few failures, and even troublesome accidents.

Our TITAN Shiplift technique has certain advantages when compared to other manufacturers.  Some advantages include the energy-autonomous feature, a smooth and safe hydraulic transmission, the hydraulic grouping of winches for better load control, the most reliable redundant systems to ensure non-stop operation, and a double lifting wire design.


The platform is the main structural component of the Shiplift. TITAN can offer either rigid or articulated platform design, always ensuring the best stability for any load distribution. The structure is a high resistance frame construction that has been designed using modern FEM analysis. Equal lifting and lowering of the platform are secured through modern and precise position sensors and a balancing control system. The Shiplift platform is of simple design to facilitate easy maintenance since the structure is subjected to adverse environmental conditions, but the unnecessary weight should be minimized. The future use of the platform should be considered before the design is undertaken: It can be used as a working platform if desired, or the deck may be of lightweight construction when not. The platform is also furnished with a locking system to ensure the safest operation while transferring the vessel and/or for the maintenance of the platform. This locking system turns the platform into a safe maintenance or building place if needed. The rail transition devices ensure smooth-rolling between platform and quay.

Lower sheave

The lower sheaves are attached to the extremes of the transversal beams of the platform. These sheaves are furnished with antifriction bearings mounted on a common shaft. The type of sheaves used depends on their position and load. The bearings are protected against seawater and furnished with a long time lubricating filling.


The winches of the TITAN systems are actuated by a multi-motor hydraulic system which guarantees smooth lifting and lowering operations. They are also equipped with load cells at every winch position to allow them to operate independently but synchronously and to cope safely with the different possible load distributions of the ships. These double wire winches are secured by a triple brake system. The hydraulic drive motors, as well as the brakes, are operated smoothly due to a proportional control and load-dependent function. The independent motors allow continuous and seamless operation even if a single motor fails. All operating parameters like speed, height, weight, etc. are shown in real-time at the control room.

Upper sheave

The upper sheaves are the rolling components located in front of the drum on a structural support and make the connection between the platform lower sheaves and the drum through the wire ropes. These sheaves are also furnished with antifriction bearings mounted on a common shaft and are of a type to be selected according to position and load. The bearings are protected against seawater and furnished with longtime lubricating filling.

Power Pack

The integrated power packs allow for independent operation without influences from external power sources. Each power pack is composed of a diesel engine, hydraulic axial piston pumps, a cooling system as well as a control panel. They can be operated independently or in parallel and controlled by a remote controller or manually in the control panel. Each power pack is designed to operate from two to many winches, depending on the load and capacity of each unit. A combination of four power packs builds a similar effect to a fluid bed, preventing the overload of a single winch due to load unbalances.


The trestles used to dock the boats are designed with the proper shape to ensure safety, both for the system and the vessel to be lifted and then transferred, and also to minimize civil construction cost.

Control system

The Shiplift system is operated by a wire or a wireless remote control system. All operations can be handled from the remote controller. Individual control is possible in the control panel at the side of the power pack. The operator can control a single unit or multiple units through the remote control.


  • Raising and lowering of the platform, proportional speed

  • Locking system

  • TRANSFER SYSTEM operation 

  • All indicators in real-time for lifting and lowering speed, weight indication at platform and TRANSFER SYSTEM, power supervision, backup generator, and others

  • Backup system


The functions of the remote control are:

System on/off, Engine stop/start, E.M.G stop, Winch ramping/stop/lowering, Winch Brake active/release, Winch locking active, Locking System active/release, Accelerator Signal, Brake, Winch speed command, Winch up and down signal and transfer functions.



Titan Boat Lift



1. High luminosity work lights

2. Robust steering axles, optional with a bi drive on rails available

3. High accuracy steering (steering range of ±165°) to save

    energy and ensure a long lifetime for all components, patented

4. Accurate hydraulic steering motors with power control

5. Swivel sheaves with attached slings for higher safety

6. Hydraulic lifting winches with 3 and 4 point grouping

7. Reinforced main upper structural beams

8. Eco-friendly power pack with high emission standards

Steering system


The Titan Boat / Caisson Lift has equipped steering pumps via high-quality proportional valves acting hydraulically to the steering motors of all axles independent. Each axle steering angle is up to ±165°. This allows very high flexibility and maneuverability. Thus making the equipment is most flexible in use. A positioning sensor is mounted at each swivel bogie for precision feedback for the microprocessor controlled all directional electronic steering system, reaching an accuracy of ±1°


Hydrostatic drive system

The drive system of the Titan Boat / Caisson Lift consists of a diesel engine with relevant hydro pumps for drive system via an appropriate coupling. Adjustable axial piston pumps acting on adjustable axial piston motors mounted to the driven pendulum axles. Hydrostatic double drive axles connected via high-quality maximum pressure hoses and maximum pressure pipes to the hydraulic pumps. The system is secured by two (2) maximum pressure valves for the working circuits and one safety valve for the control circuit. Over speed valves for anti-sliding function and over the speed of a single drive motor to be installed in front of each drive axle. The pumps receive the oil from a hydraulic oil tank via filtration system into a closed circuit with the drive motors. The pumps are speed regulated, while the drive motors are power regulated. The speed regulation of the pumps is affected by the drive selector switch and the accelerator to regulate the engine speed.


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