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1. Durable wheels and bearings

2. Powerful bogie designed for lifting super heavy loads

3. Reliable drive motors with the highest torque

4. The high capacity hydraulic lifting cylinder

5. Strongest lifting beam to support the heaviest loads

6. Safety hydraulic brake system



The load is equally distributed to the one lifting cylinder on the bogies. When one of the lifting cylinders is lifted due to uneven ground conditions, the hydraulic oil is moved from that lifting cylinder to the opposite lifting cylinder. Thus, there is no increase in pressure on the lifting cylinder which is lifted. It perfectly ensures hydraulic compensation in the bogies. Therefore, the bogie maintains it’s stability.



The hydraulic drive motors include a self-activated hydraulic spring brake. At an operating pressure of less than thirty (30) bar, the brake closes smoothly until the bogie stands still. The idle units are equipped with hydraulic actuated brakes, activated through proportional valves at each power pack with extreme brake power both smooth and fast-acting.



The drive motor is flanged through bolting on a welded adapter flange to a bogie. The motor is connected using hydraulic high-pressure pipes and hoses from the Power Pack. The drive system receives hydraulic oil via load sensing controlled proportional valves from the pump for smooth but powerful movement.

Power Pack System


The Power Pack is equipped with a diesel engine, hydraulic pumps for lifting and driving, as well as for the related subsystems, a hydraulic oil tank, maximum valves for the protection of each system, a fine filtering system, an electric/electronic system. The power pack can be coupled to several bogies and is working combined with other unlimited numbers of power packs.

Control system


The TRANSFER SYSTEM can be operated by a wired/wireless remote control system. All operations are controlled on the remote control system at once and individual controls are possible in the control panel at each power pack. The operator can control a single power pack or multiple power packs through the remote control.



The trestles are manufactured of steel and classified for operation according to C5-M, coast and the offshore environment with high salt level standards. They are designed to stand safely on the ground/platform and shaped to rest on and/or to be transported by bogies.

Manual Turning

Handling by crane

Automatic Turning,  patented

Handling by forklift



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