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Here at Ra In Ho Co., Ltd. we always strive to upgrade our engineering technology using innovative Eco-Friendly designs to improve our equipment. One of the key ways in which our designs evolve is by looking for solutions that minimize the impact of our equipment within the environment they operate.

For example, our development team is working on a water hydraulic power system to replace some components that currently use hydraulic oil. Another innovation is to use accumulators to store hydraulic energy and use it for breaking. In all our heavy lifting equipment we use the best engines, muffler systems, most reliable pumps, other premium components available in the market in order to reduce emissions and bring a level of safety and reliability second to none.

Currently, we lessen fuel consumption by using our highly accurate steering electronic system. Moreover, by using our advanced water hydraulic system we will be able to cut the amount of oil needed thus, drastically reducing oil needed more than 50%. Our able engineers are currently researching the use of better and more environmentally friendly hydraulic oil as well as alternative fuels and power sources to use in our next generation transporters and transportation systems. Also, our constant goal is to use more compact equipment systems that will need less of a footprint and use fewer power-packs to continuously reduce CO2 emissions.

Ra In Ho Co., Ltd. is proud to be at the forefront of Green and Technologically Advanced Manufacturing to the benefit of our customers and the environment!


More international manufacturing companies have implemented the concept of eco-friendly or green factories! Having more than 25 years of experience in dealing with all sizes of manufacturing companies gives us the expertise to advise our clients on how to create an effective environmental plan that will lead to the transformation of their business into a modern ecologically minded global enterprise. 

We can furnish our consulting services to create Environmental Action Plans (EAP), that focus on taking measures to reduce energy at manufacturing sites, as well as enhancing the environmental performance of their products. Our ISO 14001 certification has made us take constant measures to reduce CO2 emissions per our Environmental Management System (EMS) and we can use our experience to benefit our customers.


There are a variety of steps that can be taken to start in the path of creating a Green Factory. As an example of becoming eco-friendlier, some companies have installed energy-saving air conditioning facilities, energy-saving lighting equipment, solar panels, and wind turbines and try to use eco-friendly machinery only, and at the same time use materials more efficiently or creating comprehensive recycling programs.


To become an eco-friendly company, we enact measures to protect the environment following a tailored Environmental Management System (EMS). For example, by using our below described “ENVIRONMENT-Concept”. Specifically, we have can jointly strive to reduce raw materials, hazardous materials, including such as used in mobile machinery, meet environmental standards for the discharges from factories, paying attention to the facilities which consume large amounts of electricity, such as lighting, air conditioning, and others, and we have to train all shipyard personnel under the “ENVIRONMENT-Concept”. 





Energy saving

Nature protection programs

Various recycling measures

Infrastructure efficiency

Reduction of waste

Organization of an eco-friendly purchasing system

Next generation manufacturing techniques

Management to follow EMS

Encourage green work

New technologies with eco-friendly design

Trees and plants

care of our planet in a proactive way!

Our comprehensive consulting services address the following areas step by step to guide our customers towards the Green Factory path. We analyze in detail these areas to create a tailored solution as consultants for you.

1. Plans, Regulations, Standards ISO 14000 family or LEED

2. Factory and Facilities

3. Offices/Green Spaces

4. Production Methods

5. Raw Materials

6. Stationary Machinery

7. Mobile Machinery

8. Eco-Friendly Work-Force

9. Eco-Friendly Products 


Our proven commitment to the environment together with your desire to become an advanced leader in your fields will make us succeed and at the same time take care of our planet in a proactive way!


green factory


Managing Information Across Tomorrow's

Digital Manufacturing Business

At Ra In Ho Co., Ltd. we support green manufacturing and our program to minimize waste and pollution is achieved through modern and digital manufacturing during product and process design. Our sustainability goal is aimed at conserving natural resources and improving the environment for future generations that would see in our products the standard for advanced eco-friendly heavy transportation solutions. Our responsible green manufacturing philosophy promotes awareness in our staff, vendors, and the general public that a green manufacturing reputation saves on useless costs, promotes a proactive environmental change, and fosters innovative research and design. 

With our pioneering view, we aim at the reduction of waste on the spot. For example, we try to minimize the impact of our hydraulic systems by replacing them, when technically possible, with other eco-friendlier solutions such as using water instead of hydraulic fluid. We invest heavily in advanced manufacturing systems that promote green design and production strategies to develop innovative manufacturing and operating systems. Furthermore, our ISO 9001 and 14001 prove our commitment to sustainable, intelligent and modern "green" manufacturing. 




Here at Ra In Ho we consider the benefits of Green Manufacturing in two ways. Within our manufacturing process, we try to innovate and find ways to build better equipment. Particularly, we concentrate on developing cutting edge systems that use cleaner technology that reduce oil and fuel consumption and reduce toxic emissions. The other way we are going “green” is by reducing pollution and waste by minimizing natural resource use. In our factories, we constantly recycle materials and minimize our waste products as well as find ways to decrease the pollutants we create

We apply a systematic way of viewing and analyzing manufacturing operations and processes to improve our whole interaction within our environment. We believe in manufacturing that fosters products designed and manufactured to minimize or even eliminate, excessive resource use, waste, and pollution.

It is our view that companies that put their efforts on reducing energy consumption not only help the environment but also reduce costs in the form of lower energy bills. Smaller and medium-sized businesses like ours will also gain, in the eyes of our clients, the good reputation of having an eco-friendly manufacturing philosophy by acknowledging within our industry that our manufacturing and machinery are conceived as earth-friendly.

For all these reasons we believe that manufacturing heavy transportation equipment that is

Eco-friendly will generate benefits for the environment as well as our company's bottom line!


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