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We can lift and move everything!

CEO'S Message
ceo message

Dear guests,

On behalf of the Ra In Ho Group, allow me to welcome you to our website!

Since our start in 1992, we have been a leading model of steady growth amid exiting technological changes within our industrial landscape. Motivated by our constant desire to develop and learn, we have uncompromisingly attempted to improve our products by using innovative ways to make them safer, more reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendlier. By always focusing our efforts with our customer’s needs in mind we have become one of the most cutting-edge companies in our field. We even go a step further and through project financing alternatives we try to find forward-looking investors to participate with us on a variety of exciting projects.

Our success is based on the core principles that make any relationship work.  Respect for our customer’s real needs, honesty and integrity when negotiating and a flexible mind is how we approach every single project.  Ultimately, to make a positive impact in our world with everything we do is our mission. 


We are proud to continue growing in the heavy lifting transportation market and pledge to always move forward creating exceptional systems for all industries that require our know-how and set of skills.  We move forward and continuously innovate while others remain still.  Through the visionary spirit of our dedicated staff we are poised to continue succeeding and thus guaranteeing our future and we are looking forward to helping yours!!!




Rainer Sinnreich/CEO


We can lift and move everything!

With original transporter technologies mainly from Germany and through our R&D achievements, Ra In Ho Co., Ltd. holds several local and foreign patents for specific parts and for complete systems. Its highly skilled and experienced technicians produce user-friendly systems. In 1994 we developed an energy independent brake system for TLCs (torpedo ladle cars). Most remarkable is the development and introduction of the first CAN Steering System for transporters in 1996 and 1997, which is now, after further development in the same direction, one of the key items for our shiplift control systems as well.

The development of a new module transporter system and self-driven rail transporters in 2004 makes us especially proud.  In the same year, we were rewarded the INNO-BIZ certificate. In 2008 Ra In Ho Co., Ltd. achieved a world record with over 28,000 ton with a ship/lift & transfer system that marked a new milestone in on land shipbuilding.

Recognized for the technical superiority, Ra In Ho Co., Ltd. received prizes from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy in 2008 and 2012. One year later Ra In Ho Co., Ltd. set another record-breaking footprint in its history with a transfer system with a total capacity of 52,800 ton at Hyundai S.H.I. in Korea.

1992             Established as a Private Company. 

1994             Development of a power independent brake system for rail bound torpedo ladle cars (TLCs).
1996-1997     Development C.A.N Steering System in cooperation with HSH / Germany.
1999             Transformed into a Stock Corporation (Ra In Ho Co., Ltd.).
2001             First export of Equipment to China.
2003             Registered as ISO9001 Quality Management System.
2003             ISO14001 Environmental Management System.
2005             First export of Rail Transporters (in- and out door Transfer System) for a shipyard in China.
2008             Export of a 30,600 ton Transfer System for a shipyard in China.                   
2008             Received an Award from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy.
2008             Achieved a World Record – with a 43,200 ton Transfer System at Hyundai SHI in Korea.

2009             Delivery of a 4,000 SPMT System (self propelled modular transporter) for a Korean shipyard.
2009             Achieved a World Record - 1,050 ton Ship Section Carrier (SSC) as a single unit.
2011             Opened an office in Germany.
2011             Recognized as one of the 300 best Companies in Korea.
2011             Multiple Motor Shiplift Winch patented (capacity of 1,200 ton a winch, for a Korean client in the same year).
2011             Promising Export Firm Certificate.
2011             Recognized as a Great Work Place in Korea.
2012             Designated as Global Hidden Champion Enterprise.
2012             Opened an office in Brazil.
2012             Export of Transfer System and Ship Section Carrier to Brazil.                 
2013             Complete delivery of a 52,800 ton Transfer System for Ship/Lift/Transfer in Korea
2013             Achieved a World Record – over 35,500 ton Ship Transfer at Hyundai SHI in Korea.

2015             Delivery of a 18,000 ton Transfer System to a shipyard in China.

2015             Delivery of a 12,000 ton Caisson Transfer System to a construction company in Korea.

2015             Delivery of a 2,400 Transfer System for a Shiplift operation division of the Navy in Korea.

2016             Delivery of a 10,000 ton Transfer System for a Shiplift operation division of a shipyard in Turkmenistan.

2016             Delivery of a 1,920 ton Shiplift & Transfer System to a repair shipyard in Sri Lanka.


We can lift and move everything!


Ra In Ho Co., Ltd. / TTR Korea


HQ Suncheon / Korea

19-89, Yulchonsandan 1-ro, Haeryong-Myeon, Suncheon-Si, Jeollanam-Do, South Korea

E-mail :


Shiplift Jade GmbH

German Office

Langeoogstr. 14-16,

D-26384 Wilhelmshaven, Germany

E-mail :


Russia Office

690003, Bestuzheva st. 21a office
219 Primorsky Krai Vladivostok, Russia



TTR Brasil Logistica Ltda.

Brasil Office

Rua Modesto Fernandes Vieira, no. 01-1

Andar-SL12, Bairro Dom Bosco,

Itajai/Santa Catarina, Brasil



We can lift and move everything!

Ra In Ho Groups

We can lift and move everything!

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