Ship Section Carrier


Special: This SSC can be coupled to New Module Transporter (NMT)

1. Reinforced strong mainframe, shield gas welded and stress-free treated

2. High power drive axles with self-power/speed regulation for smooth operation

3. Comfortable cabins with full control and surround visibility for safe operation

4. Strong brake axles, air- and hydraulic operated with several circuits

5. High accuracy multimode steering to save energy and ensure a long lifetime of all components, patented

6. Powerful hydraulics with sophisticated controls as a single unit or in combination with an endless number

    of similar equipment

Steering System with 7 standard programs


The SSC (Ship Section Carrier) is equipped with a microprocessor-controlled CAN steering system, made in Germany with seven (7) standard steering programs. Each axle steering angle is up to ±165°. This allows high maneuverability. It makes the equipment most flexible in use.


1. Normal drive mode

2. Front drive mode

3. Rear drive mode

4. Diagonal drive mode

5. Transversal drive mode

6. Diagonal transversal drive mode

7. Circular drive mode

Equal Lifting System with a 3 or 4 point fluid bed


The SSC (Ship Section Carrier) is equipped with an electronic equal lift system, acting by proportional valves – controlled via level sensors – to the max. four (4) supporting groups creating a so called hydraulic fluid bed.


 1. Smooth movement in all directions

2. Load independent operation

3. Proportional lifting lever to control the lifting speed


 Each supporting group can be operated separately from the cabin or a remote controller and manually from the lifting valve block at the mainframe side. Balance safety valves and overpressure protection valves at each cylinder supply line secure the supporting system.



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